The Enterprise Mobility Trends of 2013

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We are almost midway in 2013 and it seems that enterprise mobility solutions will get more importance from users this year. Here are the top 10 enterprise mobility trends for 2013. Read them and think which of them has already become a reality.

Mobility Trends


Mobility gets plenty of budget and with money comes intelligent planning- 2012 was the year when mobility entered the mainstream enterprise and this year will be the year of incorporation. With companies having a dedicated budget for enterprise mobility, we will witness more strategized initiatives. Companies will fast track the process for immediate implementation.


App, app and more apps- Frequent use of tablets in enterprises means more apps development. The apps may enable enterprise software on tablets or build new tab oriented apps to simplify the in-house work process.


iPad will be loved by all- The BYOD crowd can rejoice because iOS is far more secure than ever and more organizations will allow iOS gadgets.


Windows 8 is here and it will stay- Well, Windows 8 may not compete with iOS or Android devices in terms of popularity and resources, but Windows 8 devices can easily beat their rivals due to seamless enterprise IT integration and app management.


Mobility for all- The banking sector will utilize mobility for payments, manufacturing industry will realize the benefit of mobility and use it for rebuilding the core business process and retailers will reap its advantages by offering their products to the virtual consumers.


Cashless transactions have arrived- Enterprises will spend in mobility solutions to meet consumers’ requirements for non-conventional payment methods such as NFC payments, mobile wallets and alternative currency.


Mobilize, socialize, channelize- It will be used to develop immersive and differentiated experiences. Consumers will enjoy personalization of products and services, augmented reality shopping, multi-channel engagement and visual search.


The world will be machine to machine connected- A wide range of products will welcome mobility as a “must have” feature.


Friendlier and smarter enterprise apps- This year, we will witness a boost in context based applications for business functions, mobile oriented training and learning, and further social functionalities for apps. These apps won’t cost much to develop and offer great return on investment.


Immediate information for immediate decisions- Enterprise information will be presented in “2P,2C”pattern. Data will be pervasive, tailored and customized as mobile is the delivery medium for location-based services and on-time business analytics.


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  1. September 10, 2013 at 8:05 am

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