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Having a good domain name might not assure the success of a brand, blog or site but so much could go right. If you have a wonderful product and the best domain name you will be surprised how the word gets out fast. To choose the right domain name really begs for patience and effective wordplay. It is not a process to be done quickly or without some thought. All over the web are so many top apps to help anyone willing to spin, crunch and suggest words to find that cool domain name.

These awesome online apps are able to suggest domain names in their hundreds as per keywords that are broad based. They include the following.


This is a search engine and an application that helps in comparing the domain name costs. The online app is able to search through the domain registrars to look for the most affordable prices for a domain and in turn save many people a lot of time. A person only needs to choose a domain extension desirable to them including the cost, as well as the lowest registration of domain name charges, transfers or renewal is shown. It might not suggest the domain name but helps in comparing the price and looking into multiple TLDs.

Bust A Name

Through this web app, domain names are suggested, help on how to manage them offered and registration of domains. It is an app able to utilize linguistic data with an exclusive interface that searches all domains in their thousands using a submitted keyword to find the available ones.  Via the app, domain name suggestions can be made, price comparison done as well as showcasing of multiple TLDs.


Those interested in exploring the total space of a domain name beyond the common .org, .net and .com extensions will find Domainr an application worth using. As you type a term to search within the Domainr, all the distinct domain names possible will be visible. Those in search of domain names that are non-Latin and internationalized can do so by entering diacritics, scripts like Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew and Arabic including accents. In short, with the Domainr app, you can find multiple TLDs, get domain name suggestions but you cannot compare prices.


Experienced collectors of domain names or those buying for the first time will find domize the best online app to find domain names they believe are the best. The results of the search start showing immediately amidst the app being well designed. By the same token, the search queries through Domize are SSL encrypted for security and privacy. Apart from checking if a domain name is already registered or not, the app helps to find if domain names already confirmed to be unavailable are accessible on a secondary market place or to ascertain their period of expiry. In a nutshell, you can get domain name suggestions, do price comparisons and access multiple TLDs.

Instant Domain Search

Through this free to use app you can easily check for the availability of domain names instantly including the common ones like .org, .net and .com. However, you are only able to seek suggestions for domain names and check on multiple TLDs in a limited way without doing any price comparison.

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  1. November 23, 2013 at 8:06 am

    My absolute favorite site for finding a domain is
    The site was recently bought by Automattic, the guys behind WordPress, and they turned it back into a free domain search.

    I actually found my social network site domain by using Lean Domain Search, and it’s been my go-to place ever since for finding easy-to-remember domain names. It definitely belongs on this list :)

  2. mikkom
    December 5, 2013 at 9:10 am

    There are other good services also, my favourites are

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